Welding Certification and Procedures


When a steel and or aluminum fabrication shop decides to become CWB certified to CSA W47.1/W47.2 Division 2, a welding engineer is retained as required by the standards. Skarborn Engineering Ltd performs this role by first reviewing the specific requirements with the client (processes and equipment used, type of manufacturing, etc) and then preparing documentation which includes welding procedure specifications, welding procedure data sheets, and guidelines for welder testing. Once a client has become certified, regular shop audits are performed to ensure conformance to the welding standards. In addition, Skarborn Engineering Ltd can provide welding consulting at the bidding stage, guidance and recommendations for ongoing welded fabrication, and troubleshooting.

The products and components fabricated by these clients under CWB certification have included structural steel for buildings, jet bridges for airports, rocket launchers for NASA, precipitators and other pollution control components for the power generation sector, topsides for the White Rose offshore oil extraction platform, accommodations module for the Hebron offshore oil extraction platform, aluminum gangways and sign structures, and aluminum boats. Our company provides a unique level of experience in this field with over 45 years of combined welding engineering between the two principals.


Project specific welding procedures have been prepared for a large number of clients fabricating varied structures and components. Short descriptions of a select few are provided below. These have been in conformance with various standards/codes.

  • Hebron gravity base structure living quarters, clients North Eastern Constructors Ltd and Metal World Inc, to CSA W47.2 and ISO standards. The multistory structure is constructed in Bull Arm and Argentia, Newfoundland, with the top stories fabricated from aluminum.
  • Long Harbour Electrical Modules, client Cianbro Corporation, to CSA W47.1. Comprised twenty-two very large carbon steel structures with shop fabricated components that were field assembled for barging to Newfoundland.
  • White Rose FPSO Topsides, client Irving Shipbuilding Inc, to CSA W47.1 and contract specifications. Impact and hardness testing were required in procedure testing of joints with European grades of HSS carbon steel.
  • LNG Terminal Saint John, client Sunny Corner Enterprises Inc and Bourque Industrial Ltd, to CSA W47.1. HSS truss connections with European grade steel and impact and hardness testing were required.
  • Coleson Cove Generating Station, client Babcock & Wilcox Canada, to ASME Section IX. Procedures for welding duplex stainless steel and nickel alloys with GTAW, pulsed GMAW and FCAW required corrosion testing, ferrite testing and Charpy impact tests.
  • Tensioner Cassette for offshore oil and gas industry, client Maritime Hydraulic Fabrication Division, to AWS D1.1 and purchaser specifications. Very thick carbon steel plate and HSS fabrication included requirements for hardness testing and impact testing at -10° C.
  • Welding procedures for DND mobile crane designed by Aquila Farco and fabricated by Halifax Shipyards.