Professional Qualifications

Stig Skarborn, P.Eng., IWE

Principal Civil and Welding Engineer

Welding Engineering for Custom Fabrication, Manufacturing and Ship Building Industries
  • Retained welding engineer for CSA W47.1 (steel) and CSA W47.2 (aluminum) certified shops. Preparing welding procedures, welder test guidelines, and performing regular shop audits
  • Preparation of welding procedures to ASME codes and AWS standards as well as other international standards for a large number of different materials
  • Reviewing weld failures and providing welding procedures for repairs
  • Visual inspection of existing overhead sign structures (OHSS)
Civil Engineering Structure Assessment and Design
  • Cruise ship terminal marine enhancements
  • Overhead sign structures
  • Ferry terminal inspection and improvements
  • Tanks and hoppers
  • Conveyor galleries
  • Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) and other profile connections
  • International Welding Engineer (IWE)
  • CWB accredited welding engineer
  • CWB certified welding inspector to CSA W178.2, Level 3
Professional Memberships
  • P. Eng. in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Construction
  • CISC Education and Research Foundation (Former Board Member)
  • American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Canadian Welding Association
  • American Welding Society
Recent Examples of Continuing Education
  • North American Steel Construction Conference, 2014, Toronto
  • CWA, 2014, Halifax, Welding Requirements and Details, presenter
  • AWS, 2014, Miami, US/European Standards Conference
  • AWS, 2013, Las Vegas, Welding Cracking Conference
  • CWA, 2011, Milton, Stainless Steel Welding Metallurgy
  • AWS, 2010, Chicago, Chrome-Moly Steel Welding Conference
Title: Responsibility for Design of Structural Steel Connections
Publication: Canadian Institute of Steel Construction, Fall 2005 [Download]
Title: Shear resistance of flare bevel and puddle welds in OWSJ applications
Publication: CSCE 1998 conference proceedings [Link]
Title: How to Make Economical 6 mm Semi-automatic Horizontal Fillet Welds
Publication: Stig Skarborn, P. Eng., IWE [Download]